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exterior shutters

Custom manufactured exterior house  shutters are made from high-tech composite materials that won’t flake, chip, peel, rot or warp… and feature powder-coated stainless steel hardware.

Not only are these outdoor shutters manufactured with the highest quality materials, but the variety of exterior shutters will allow you to achieve the look and feel you want for your home. Each set of shutters is crafted to exact specifications of your house.

Atlantic Premium Shutters has a variety of styles and colors to choose from and will be the perfect fit for even the most discerning homes.

Atlantic Shutter Systems “Architectural Collection” provides beautiful house shutters … and when those pesky Florida storms roll around, simply close and secure the window shutters to protect your home and windows.




Atlantic Premium Shutters – Architectural Collection come offer the following styles:

  • Raised panel shutters – including arch or radius top or flat panels
  • Louvered shutters – including custom top or bottom rail sizes or faux tilt rod
  • Combination shutters – including additional rail or custom top or bottom rail sizes
  • Bahama shutters – including standard or  additional vertical mullion

For those of you who don’t need operable shutters, the wonderfully detailed “Classic Collection” will add maintenance-free charm to your project.

Atlantic Premium Shutters – Classic Collection come offer the following styles:

  • Raised panel shutters – including arch or radius top or flat panels
  • Board and batten shutters – including extra batten or z-bar boards
  • Faux louver shutters – including additional rail, standard or arch top

Regardless of the type of exterior shutters you are looking for, we are confident we can help you.  Come visit our showroom to see various Atlantic Shutter Systems Collection on display!

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Samples and Colors of Atlantic Premium  Exterior Shutters

atlantic shutter_austin atlantic shutter_biloxi atlantic shutter blluffton atlantic shutter boston
atlantic shuttercharleston atlantic shutter manchester atlantic shutter memphis atlantic shutter nagshead
atlantic shutter orleans atlantic shutter raleigh atlantic shutter richmond atlantic shutter rockport
atlantic shutter salem atlantic shutter savannah atlantic shutter scottsdale