The Galley Workstation



Prepare – Cook – Serve – Entertain – Clean


Architectural Elegance, Incorporated is proud to be the Authorized Dealer for a new, revolutionary product: The Galley Ideal Workstation™ for the Orlando area.

The award-winning, innovative Galley Workstation is much more than a sink, it is a super-functional, smart and stylish workstation where prepping, serving, entertaining, and clean-up can all happen in one simple, convenient place. It is ideal for any indoor or outdoor kitchen and works perfectly in both large and small kitchens. The Workstation is available in six standard sizes, both single and double-bowl, and in custom sizes by special order. All standard sized workstations are kept in stock at the factory so you won’t be waiting months. You could potential be using your Galley workstation within weeks!

If you have ever watched a “Home Renovation or Home Hunting” show on television, one of the first complaints is that the kitchen is not functional or large enough for everyone to cook or work in. This is where The Galley comes into the picture. View first hand in this video how functional it will make your kitchen, no matter what size it is!

Steak night at an IWS 5, IWS 7 and IWS 3 from The Galley on Vimeo.

In addition to the workstation, The Galley has introduced The Galley Dresser for your kitchen. This is unlike any other fixture in your kitchen as The Dresser is a piece of art that is designed as a one-of-a-kind to give you everything at your fingertips that you need to work. The craftsmanship of The Dresser is top-notch and is well represented in this video. We invite you to experience The Dresser from The Galley!

The Galley Dresser from The Galley on Vimeo.

In order to have a complete kitchen of products from The Galley line, you have to have the perfect faucet. Introducing, The Galley Tap, that has been designed around all the functions of the workstation and beyond. Take a peek here in this video.

The Galley Tap from The Galley on Vimeo.

We invite you to contact us today, or, better yet, stop by our showroom to see how The Galley is literally changing the way people think about their kitchens! Start your Kitchen Design with the Galley and all of their offering and the rest just falls into place!!

For more details visit the Galley Website.